Baba Yaga the Beautiful (welfy) wrote in anon_anonymous,
Baba Yaga the Beautiful

What the hell?

Random conversation between me and someone who never talks to me in real life anymore but IMed me to ask me for phone numbers...big words emphasized by me because I thought it was a bit out of line...

Person: yo
me: Hello
Person: what's K_'s and B_'s phone number yo?
Person: btw: hi! :-)
me: Hello!
me: Heh, I have no idea. I don't really talk to either of them.
Person: darney!
Person: the burple pinosaur
me: Well, I talk to them through LJ...that's probably why I never thought of having their numbers...
Person: i can check their LJ profiles or something and see what turns up
me: Why would their numbers be in their LJ? hehe
Person: hmmm, you would know....

Person: so what should i do?
me: Couldn't you IM them?
me: I know they're both away, but they would get back to you eventually...

Yeah, I ought to write down their full names and numbers down so I can show everyone in the entire world...except I don't have the numbers anyway. Oh yeah, and I'm not a dick either.
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