Baba Yaga the Beautiful (welfy) wrote in anon_anonymous,
Baba Yaga the Beautiful

A Poem--Jumping __ on a Pogo Stick!

The Night

The night cut my heart like a spoon through half-melted like creme.
I felt the edgings of fear and restoration as the blood moon faded.
May the addition of nearness (?) restore/refresh us all.

I should contribute it to the bad poetry community or something.
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December 20 2002, 20:15:01 UTC 14 years ago

I think the best way to make a second stanza to this poem is to switch every noun with another in the poem:
The heart cut my night like a blood moon.
I felt the addition of half-melted ice cream as the fear and restoration faded.
May the edgings of nearness restore/refresh us all.

That's really sad that by switching the words around, the poem sounds just as horrible, if not better. The best part is the "restore/refresh" because who puts a slash in poetry?


February 10 2003, 04:42:58 UTC 14 years ago

Submit it to You could get it published.


July 30 2004, 14:15:36 UTC 12 years ago