Baba Yaga the Beautiful (welfy) wrote in anon_anonymous,
Baba Yaga the Beautiful

Heya guys!

Wasn't Bible class awesome today? Dean Smith had a motorcycle jacket!

*gasp gasp*

My dad was a biker too, before he got sick. He has the tattoo, he had the biker jackets and gloves and hats and vests...and a GORGEOUS 1986 Harley.

I'm getting a bike someday, but probably not a Harley, unless I could buy a sportster version. I saw this Honda for sale at a biker ralley once and it was just my size and had a wolf airbrushed onto it. *drool*

I still go cruising with my "boyfriend" Bob. He's a married man with grown children but he befriended my dad when they were in the Christian Motorcyclists Association together, so he took a liking to me and treats me like a daughter. When the weather is nice he calls my house and asks my mom if he can take me out on a date.

We go flying all over creation, mostly down back roads...then we usually stop for ice cream or something. I get a kick out of seeing people gawk at us in our biker gear (hey, those accessories and whatnot are NOT for actually need all that stuff to keep warm, comfortable, safe, etc) and look at us as if we flew in straight from the depths of Hell. But if they get closer they might see that one of us might have a vest with a patch on it that says "On the Road with Jesus". :^)

Yeah, people need to get a grip. Me, I love bikers. Yes, even evil bikers, because they can be teddy bears inside. Anyone who has watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure knows that.
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